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Items Per Page:  10 20 40

All Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs

Whenever you need a new light bulb - or a lot of them - Destination Lighting is your one-stop-shop. We carry hundreds of light bulbs for ceiling fixtures, recessed lights, table lamps and every other type of home lighting. They come in many sizes, base types, lumen outputs and color temperatures. Whether you need task lighting for the office or dimmable light bulbs to set custom light levels, our ALA-certified technicians have a solution.

The Light Bulb Basics

With so many types of light bulbs out there, it's important to know how they work and what to use them for. Here's an outline of the most common light bulbs at Destination Lighting:

LED light bulbs last the longest and use up to 90% less energy than other designs. However, they cost more upfront.
A halogen light bulb is an incandescent bulb with a tungsten filament to improve longevity.
Fluorescent bulbs and compact fluorescents are an energy-saving option that has a bright, white light for work areas.
Metal halide bulbs are ideal for high-intensity task lighting where you need to see with daylight-level clarity.

There are also plenty of bulb styles to choose from. Use A-series bulbs for ceiling lights and lamps, G-series bulbs for foyer lights, C7 candelabra bulbs for Christmas lights and BR bulbs for recessed lights. Click ''See All Light Bulbs'' below for direct links to some of our collections.

Full-Service Light Bulb Shopping

Looking for more information? Our ultimate light bulb guide has everything you need to know about nearly a dozen different bulb families. This guide, along with our ALA-certified call center staff, can point you in the right direction. The one thing each bulb has in common is its quality. We have a great selection of Satco bulbs along with light bulbs from Hinkley, Kichler Lighting, and WAC Lighting plus our affordable house brands. Stock up for your entire house with free shipping on orders of $49.95 or more.