Wall Lamps

Items Per Page:  10 20 40
Items Per Page:  10 20 40

Wall Lamps

Especially for those short on space, a wall lamp can provide a sensible solution for many types of lighting problems. Unlike floor lamps and table lamps, wall lamps don't take up room on a building's floor area, desks or tables. They are out of the way but always ready to provide an illuminating experience for you and your friends, family members or visitors.

Multiple Uses, Multiple Benefits

These lights can be used as task lights for reading or working, as accent features to add interest to a room and for many other purposes. In addition, the right lamp can improve the appearance of the walls in a living room, office or anywhere else you install it.

At Destination Lighting, we carry thousands of styles of wall lamps, sconces and picture lights. Our vast selection gives you the freedom to choose exactly what's right for your situation.

If you're searching for a brass wall lamp or a gold wall lamp, you'll find lots of choices in these finishes as well as other metallic finishes and colors ranging from beige, black or white to red, green or orange. For a staid, conservative approach, check out our traditional styles. If you're looking to lighten things up a bit, styles like Mid-Century Modern can add a fun and slightly quirky look to your home or office. You can easily match a sleek, modern office or home design with one or more of our thousands of contemporary wall lamps.

Rooms Full of Wall Lights

You'll find lamps for every room here. A wall-mount reading lamp is perfect for those who like to read in bed without cluttering up a bedside night table.

Our swing-arm lamps work well for desks, tables or anywhere you need task lighting that isn't in the way. A plug-in wall lamp is the very definition of plug and play. Because plug-in wall lights are so easy to install, we offer plenty of wall lamps with cords as well as wall sconces with cords to help you get exactly the right effect without hassles.

Picture This

Picture lights offer one effective way to highlight paintings, photos and other artwork. Whether you want to draw the eye to a Rembrandt, an Olga Albizu or something you picked up at a yard sale or your kid made in school, we offer a big selection of picture lamps to suit practically any style or budget.