Wall Sconces

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Items Per Page:  10 20 40

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces have truly stood the test of time. One of mankind's longest-serving sources of illumination outside of the sun, wall light scones have graced castles, forts and homes since classical times. Modern wall sconces can provide attractive illumination to your castle too when you browse the thousands of indoor and outdoor wall sconces available at Destination Lighting.

Practical and Aesthetic Benefits

Besides the practical illumination they give a home or business and the decorative accents they provide to enliven the look of your walls, interior wall sconces save space. These light fixtures can take the place of floor lamps and table lamps that gobble up precious living space.

If you're searching for indoor wall sconces, you'll discover a virtually limitless selection here. Choose from an array of beautiful finishes, including bronze sconces and other metallic tones such as gold, pewter and chrome.

We also have colors ranging from the conservative to daring. Your choices run from basic blacks and whites to rich reds, groovy greens and even outrageous oranges.

We also carry sconce lights in all sorts of styles, from traditional to contemporary and modern, to match your decor. When you shop here, you can find the right sconces to add practical lighting and design appeal to virtually any room in your home or workplace.

Outdoor Sconces

Sconce lighting also is a great choice for exterior doors and other outdoors use. Our outdoor wall sconces and wet-location sconces offer dependable, attractive lighting that adds curb appeal to your property while helping visitors safely find their way to your door.

If you're a bit overwhelmed by our extensive selection, feel free to call us and speak with one of our ALA-certified lighting experts. In addition to our competitive prices, we offer great customer service.

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