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Ceiling Lights
Ceiling Lights
Ceiling lights serve many purposes. Whether you are considering a ceiling light to brighten up a room, add light to a dark area or just want to add to the overall aesthetic to a space in your home, Destination Lighting has your solution. From chandeliers, pendants, mini-pendants, island lights to recessed lighting, track and rail lights, cove lights and under cabinet lighting, there are a bevy of choices.

Chandeliers make an elegant statement no matter what room they are in, but are generally reserved for the entry way or the dining room. Chandeliers have a dual purpose -- to light a room and to add a decorative touch. Pendant lights add to the individual style of your home while accenting your existing decor. If you are an Art Nouveau enthusiast, go for a Tiffany style pendant light. For a simple, elegant and trendy look, be sure and check out our huge selection of large drum pendants. They are a Destination Lighting customer favorite.

Track and rail lights are a handy way to add light to a dark space which lacks an outlet for a traditional lamp. Another attractive feature to track and rail lighting is the individual lamps are adjustable. With a sleek and updated look, they are often used to add a modern feel to a kitchen. When choosing a ceiling light, always consider room size.

A ceiling light should enhance a room, but should not be the focal point.