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Home decor is an expression of your personality. There are no hard and fast rules, but here are some suggestions to spark inspiration and to guide you along the way.

First of all, it is important to create a sense of space. With a large room, there is freedom to incorporate expansive furniture, robust light fixtures, large wall hangings and multiple accessories. But in a small room, more attention must be given to the total combination of elements so the space won't seem cluttered. To create space in a small room, take a close look at how much furniture you have and the relative space it takes up. A room that is light on furniture offers more space for accessories and larger decorations. If there is more furniture in the room or the furniture you have fills more space, then less room is available for accessorizing. Simplify to open things up. Put a smaller painting on the wall. Choose a table lamp and ceiling fixture in proportion to the layout of the room. In other words, let the space breathe.

Balance and harmony are key. The components of the room should relate to each other whether by style, finish or both. It doesn't need to be a perfect match though. The connection should be just enough to set the eye at ease. Expensive furnishings can be combined with lower–priced items if the look is harmonious. If a table lamp and floor lamp are of a different style, a similar finish can bring them together as a suitable match. Items of different sizes should be spread out appropriately through the room to maintain balance.

Things To Consider

Shape can also affect the feel of a room. Curved items provide softness and a sense of comfort, while straight and angular lamps and furniture suggest a more formal look.

Style is another consideration. While there are many styles to choose from there are three primary ones which usually come to mind; contemporary, modern and traditional. Contemporary design, stresses clean lines, simplicity and functionality. In a contemporary home, track lighting can be used to illuminate large photographic prints, paintings, or other works of art. Lamps might have silver or nickel finishes, and the furniture is usually sleek and sophisticated.

Modern design focuses more on bright colors and bold geometric shapes. The furniture can be both simple and eye–catching. Creative lighting choices like hand–blown glass pendants are appropriate. Similarly styled vases, clocks and other table–top items can be used to accent the room.

Traditional design typically includes items with dark finishes and ornate features. Impressive chandeliers, dark bronze–finished lamps, and decorative lampshades are not uncommon. The furniture often has an antique feel. Ornate rugs, large brass candle stick holders and old fashioned clocks can accent a traditional room.

Whatever your preference, there are endless possibilities in furniture, accessories and lighting that can properly suit your style.

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