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Cool Back-To-School Lighting

Fun and Functional Fixtures for Students

For many, the fall season means back-to-school. K-12 and beyond — the right lighting can make all the difference when hitting the books and personalizing your workspace.

Here are a few suggestions to aid you in finding the perfect fixtures for studying:

Combination Floor Lamp

For students in need of general lighting and task lighting, look for a fixture that serves dual purposes. A combination floor lamp unites the overall brightness from a torchiere with the directed light of a reading lamp.

Halogen Alarm Clock Table Lamp

Burning the midnight oil but still need to get up in the morning? How about a fixture that has both concentrated illumination and built-in alarm settings? Halogen alarm clocks come in fun shapes and sizes, and offer crisp, white light at night as well as a programmable timer so you don't miss class the next morning.

Clip-On Desk Lamp

Need adequate lighting but simply don't have the space in your room? Try a clip-on desk lamp to make up for poor lighting while you study and not sacrifice valuable space on your work table.

Fluorescent Desk Lamp

Alleviate eyestrain while "pulling an all-nighter" with a fluorescent desk lamp. These versatile lamps have adjustable arms for personal comfort and their fluorescent bulbs are designed to save energy and last for long periods of time.

10-foot Premium Grade Rope Light

Rope lights have become popular additions to spaces where flair and fun are important to the atmosphere. Great for decorating a bedroom or dressing up the dorm, this popular item is available in various lengths.

15-Inch Purple and Yellow Lava Lamp

Get in the groove with your very own lava lamp. They come in different sizes, glow in vibrant combinations of colors and have been a true fixture for students throughout the decades.